Features of future mobile phones

If human could make a mobile with these features, the world would be a more secure place in which people communicate easier and the human being would have less fears.

1. By means of an embedded GPS and a geographical data provider like Google Earth, you know where you are and which way is best to reach a destination and in addition you can allow other parties to know your exact location. Thus you can order a pizza and they don’t ask for your address. Nobody can steal your mobile because you can always detect the location of your mobile. You can disable this feature wherever you want.
There will be no need to prison most of convicts; they are always at home living with their families.
You can request help in emergencies by press and holding a single button on your handset.

2. A barcode scanner on your mobile gives you info about products you see in a shop or anywhere else. This info may be about health and safety or technical info and you can order them by your mobile.

3. Your mobile have a laser distance and velocity meter. You can calculate your precise distance from any visible point around you.

4. You can send the video stream of your mobile camera to other parties, or broadcast it through the internet. Your mobile have a unique IP number. No small event will hide from the eyes of this worldwide media.

5. A small add-on gadget turns your mobile into a compact video projector. You can read and watch what you like in bathroom or in a mountain camp.

6. All of your personal identification info is in your mobile. Your mobile replaces your credit card, driving license, passport and visa, your health info file, etc. you register your presence at work (home, restaurant …) by your phone.

7. You can open all of your locks (safe, computer, house, garage…) by your mobile.

8. You blog your life by your mobile. Then you can decide which parts are private and which parts may go published.

9. Your mobile speeds up your communication skills. When you are in a public place like airport, coffeeshop, shopping mall… you can allow other people to see your personal interests, read your blog, … and decide to start a connection with you. On the other hand you can search nearby persons by their tags and select preferable ones.

10. You can vote in elections by your mobile. Referring to public opinion will be very easy and hence legislation will be simple.

11. You mobile have precise speech recognition, speaker recognition and OCR capabilities.

12. Your mobile can use iris, fingerprint or even DNA recognition tools to authenticate you and your customers.

13. You may buy a medical care kit add-on which monitors your life signals, analyses your blood and urine samples and notifies your health care provider if you need.

14. There is a built in thermometer in your phone that shows the ambient temperature.

15. You can expose a text on a distant wall. Type in the text, shake your mobile and a laser beam will write the text like a dot-matrix printer on the opposite wall.

16. You have the right (and the ability) to identify the caller part even if s/he is not on your phonebook.

17. Your have a built-in 5 Mp (at least) camera that can take a sharp and clear shot of a dark midnight sky.

18. This handy comrade should not exceed 100 gr weight limits.

اين ها صرفا ايده پردازي من درباره موبايل و اثرات احتمالي آن روي زندگي آيندگان است. آغازگر آن هم سوال خيالپردازانه پسرم بود كه بخشي را با هم و بخشي را در ادامه به تنهايي رويا بافتيم.

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